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dr.ir. Jan Broenink
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Tim Broenink MSc


This research line deals with the realization of control schemes on digital computers. The ultimate goal is to support the mechatronic / robotic design engineer such that implementing controllers according to “do it the first time right” becomes business as usual. Simulation and formal methods are used as a means for verification at all stages of the design process. This facilitates concurrent engineering. Robot Software Architectures are tuned to fit in our design approach, to obtain an effective realization trajectory. Furthermore, the use of parallel hardware and parallel software is investigated, to exploit the inherent parallel nature of embedded systems and their control. Software tools and documentation resulting from this research line are available at our ECSSoftware subwebsite: http://www.ce.utwente.nl/ECSSoftware.

Running projects


Automation of periodic real-time processes. read more


Methods and tools for cyber-physical co-design, applied to robot software development. read more


The goal of this project is to develop a multi-disciplinary model-based methodology allowing the development of motion control applications with a close integration of the domains involved. Major ingredients are the combination and co-simulation of models from different disciplines to validate t... read more

Finished projects


Beyond the Ordinary: Design for Embedded Real-time Control read more


Best Practice in Robotics, an Integrated Project to promote the interoperability of hardware and software components for robotics, and to design and implement an integrated robotic development environment including a software repository of best practise robotics algorithms. Kuka Roboter is the Co... read more


Co-Simulation as Design Space Exploration Tool. read more


Development of a Design Framework for heterogeneous real-time embedded systems read more


Design Support and Tooling for Embedded Control Software, using co-simulation between 20sim and VDM++ models. Fault modelling / injection is done to enhance the dependability of the resulting embedded software. It is an EU project with 8 partners, UT is coordinator. read more


Fieldbuses for real-time control. read more


Model-Driven Design of dependable software-intensive embedded systems. On integration of models for the design of dependable, software-intensive embedded systems, trying to bring together existing modeling methods from the formal methods domain and the mechatronics / robotics domain. Work done t... read more


Graphical CSP to practice. read more


Telemanipulation system for a new generation of minimal-invasive interventions. read more


Provide methodological support, including (prototype) tools, for the predictable design of distributed hard real-time embedded control systems for mechatronic products. It deals with views (editors), core models, and correctness-preserving code generation. read more