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Work in this research line deals with application and further investigation of control schemes necessary for robotic systems. The focus is on intrinsic stability through passivity; smooth operation of contact behaviour; resilient robotic behavior via robustness of the control schemes and robot architectures. Model-driven controller design techniques and a holistic, systems engineering view are preferred approaches. The resulting controller schemes are inspired by and applied to the robotic applications developed in our application domains. Proofs of principle are validated using small setups, exhibiting the relevant essential behavior.

Running projects


The goal of this project is to develop a multi-disciplinary model-based methodology allowing the development of motion control applications with a close integration of the domains involved. Major ingredients are the combination and co-simulation of models from different disciplines to validate t... read more


Open innovation centre for Research and Development in Interaction Robotics read more

MRI-compatible Robotics

Solving inaccurate and inefficient MRI-guided breast biopsy procedures with a robotic needle manipulator. read more


Creation of a new paradigm in which the precision of great medical imaging modalities like MRI and Ultrasound are combined with the precision of robotics. read more

Smart Tooling

Smart Tooling focusses on automation in the process industry: making maintenance safer, cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient by developing new robot prototypes and tools. read more


Sensor Products for Enterprises Creating Technological Opportunities in Remote Sensing (SPECTORS) read more

Finished projects


Agent-based control read more


Aeroworks envisions a novel aerial robotic team that possesses capabilities to autonomously conduct infrastructure inspection and maintenance, while providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface to the maintenance-workers and operators read more


The goal of the AIRobots project is to develop a new generation of aerial service robots capable to support human beings in all those activities that require the ability to interact actively and safely with environments not constrained on ground but airborne. read more


Controller design read more


BOBBIE: a robot that cares. read more


Best Practice in Robotics, an Integrated Project to promote the interoperability of hardware and software components for robotics, and to design and implement an integrated robotic development environment including a software repository of best practise robotics algorithms. Kuka Roboter is the Co... read more

Eumecha Pro

Concerted action or so on Mechatronics read more


Flexible automated logistic concepts read more


Fast-Running, Energy-Efficient Quadruped—combining biomimetics with port-based Hamiltonian systems to achieve high-performance quadrupedal running. read more


Human-centered haptics. read more


High-Precision Inkjet Printing System read more


Intelligent Variable Impedance Arm. read more


Multi-axis microstage with subnamometer resolution read more


Mechatronics for SME (Small & Medium Enterprises). To let SMEs in the Euregio better use mechatronics in their activities. Together with consultancy and technology transfer firms (Syntens and STODT in our area), results of our mechatronics work is brought to the SMEs in the region. The Coordinat... read more

Medical Microrobotics

Image-based magnetic control of self propelled microrobots. read more


NL - D mechatronics innovation centre. read more


Microspam: a high capacity low-volume scanning Probe Array for application in embedded systems. read more


MyoPro MYOelectrical PROsthesis. read more

Needle Steering

Robotically steering flexible needles using ultrasound-guided control. read more


Pipe Inspection Robot for AuTonomous Exploration. read more


Intelligent and energy-efficient actuation and natural bidirectional control interfacing for transfemoral prosthesis read more

Remote Robotics

Remote Robotics read more


flying robots. read more


The energy-efficient design of autonomous and mobile sensor-integrated robotic devices for data acquisition on dikes. A subproject of the STW-ASSYS project (10550) Energy-efficient desing and control of mobile RObotic SENsor networks. read more


Surface Acoustic Wave positioning read more


Smart collaboration between Humans and ground-aErial Robots for imProving rescuing activities in Alpine environments. read more

SmartBot - RoboShip

Development of multi sensor robot platforms for maritime, agricultural and industry applications. read more


SMART systems based on integrated PIEzo read more


Telemanipulation system for a new generation of minimal-invasive interventions. read more


This project aims at developing and exploiting actuation technologies for a new generation of robots that can co-exist and co-operate with people and get much closer to the human manipulation and locomotion performance than today’s robots do. At the same time these robots are expected to be safe,... read more