SmartPIE is a scientific research program on piezo technology. SmartPie is an acronym for "SMART systems based on integrated PIEzo". The aim of the SmartPIE research is to strengthen the innovative position and perception of the Dutch high tech industry by providing it with new piezo-based technology. 

Within the framework of SmartPIE, the application oriented research in our group will address the following subjects:

  • Active damping in precision equipment. Specifically, we address the so-called rocking mode, which is a vibration mode that presents itself in machines having linear actuation, due to finite rotational stiffnesses of linear guidances. Goal of the research is to overcome the limitation that this vibration mode imposes on the machine precision and closed-loop bandwidth by means of active damping units. An active damping unit is a device that can be built into the machine at appropriate locations and that incorporates a piezo force sensor, a piezo position actuator and a controller that realizes damping.
  • Touch-operated, battery-less Man-Machine-Interfaces. In both professional and consumer products, switches are the main element by which the operator of a technical apparatus can influence its operational functionality. Hence, switching is the essential element of any Man Machine Interface (MMI). Contemporary MMIs are increasingly often realized by means of touch buttons, touch panels or touch screens. These buttons, panels or screens operate in such a way that hardly any mechanical work is needed from the operator in order to realize a switching action, implying that there is a minimization of motions and of the number of moving parts, which results in many advantages. Furthermore, touch panels and screens are one of the most flexible input devices, due to the fact that the interface is designed in software.
    The knowledge that will be developed in this research is: 
    • Models that document the behavior of piezo-based touch-operated User Interfaces; 
    • Mechanical design principles for piezo-based touch-operated MMIs;
    • Insight in the application possibilities of wireless battery-less piezo-based switches.

SmartPIE is part of the CTIT research  and is executed in the framework of the Smart Mix programme, sponsored by the Dutch Ministries of OCW and EZ. It has started on 1st December 2006 and will finish on 1st October 2012.

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