To let SMEs in the Euregio better use mechatronics in their activities. Together with consultancy and technology transfer firms (Syntens and STODT in our area), results of our mechatronics work is brought to the SMEs in the region. The Coordinator is the Euregio office. Four German-Dutch euregios between the Dollard and the Ruhr are participating. The UT project members contribute with mechatronics expertise and researches methods.

Results 2013

It turned out that the project as a whole is very successful, and allocation of budget to
support to Dutch - German Mechatronic development work in SMEs has been optimized by lowering overhead budgets. The event presenting overall project results (November 2013) showed that this project is very succesful. In our group, some advice has been given, and quite often mechatronics has been promoted via demos to various groups of persons.

Results 2012

Only a few times advice on mechatronic setups has been given. Mechatronics has been presented and proliferated via demos to different groups of persons: students, SMEs, visitors.

Results 2011

Some advice has been given. Mechatronic demo set ups in the lab have been built.

Results 2010

The SME PenWeld has been supported in its work on orbital laser welding.

Project lead

no picture available Jan Broenink