Recent advances in robotics, mechatronics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, robust autonomy and software allowed the development of personal robots that can be used in home environment. These personal robots can typically be used to assist elderly populations which is creating an increased pressure on the health care system. With this application area in mind, this project aims to come up with new methods to design a complete robot system using standardized architectures which can safely work in a care situation. 

This collaboration project consortium consists of University of Twente, Technical University of Eindhoven, Delft University of Technology, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and a number of industrial partners in the Netherlands. The core technological focus ares of the project are safe adaptive mobile manipulation and modularity and interoperability in both hardware and software components. These include:

  • Safe navigation in dynamic environments;
  • Safe manipulator motion in human environments;
  • Grasping of unknown objects;
  • Seamless exchangeability of components.

The research at the University of Twente will be on safe 3D motion planning and control of the manipulator. The focus areas are safety metrics in domestic robotics, intelligent sensor integration, 3D geometrical analysis, port-hamiltonian and passivity based approach for analysis, modeling and control of manipulators. Together with the research the group is building a research robot with philips robotic arm, Twente head, a torso and a mobile base to be used for this project. The project will have a number of interesting student projects in different areas or robotics such as navigation and localization, vision and perception, modeling and simulation and many more.

BOBBIE is part of the CTIT research  and is executed in the framework of the Point One programme, sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of EZ. It has started on 1st October 2009 and will finish on 1st October 2012.

Project lead

no picture available Theo de Vries


no picture available Stefano Stramigioli