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In this program developments are taking place which have directly or indirectly to do with the human body. The program is composed of two parts: 1. Robotic Surgery in which new robotic instruments and methodologies are studied with projects like Teleflex and Miriam. 2. Prosthetics is related to the development or artificial limbs like transradial hand prosthesis (MyoPro) and transfemoral leg prosthesis.

Running projects


Development of a validated anthropomorphic dynamic myocardial perfusion phantom read more


Improving the durability of endovascular aortic stent grafts. read more

MRI-compatible Robotics

Solving inaccurate and inefficient MRI-guided breast biopsy procedures with a robotic needle manipulator. read more


Creation of a new paradigm in which the precision of great medical imaging modalities like MRI and Ultrasound are combined with the precision of robotics. read more

Soft Robotics

MR-compatible robotic phantom to simulate the respiratory motion of human liver. read more

Finished projects


Human-centered haptics. read more


Instruments for Minimally Invasive Techniques - Interactive Multi-Interventional Tools )MULTI - Multi-steerable catheter for cardiac interventions read more

Medical Microrobotics

Image-based magnetic control of self propelled microrobots. read more


Minimal invasive robot in an MRI environment read more


MyoPro MYOelectrical PROsthesis. read more

Needle Steering

Robotically steering flexible needles using ultrasound-guided control. read more


Intelligent and energy-efficient actuation and natural bidirectional control interfacing for transfemoral prosthesis read more


Telemanipulation system for a new generation of minimal-invasive interventions. read more


Towards a fully automated joint damage measurement system in RA. read more


This project aims at developing and exploiting actuation technologies for a new generation of robots that can co-exist and co-operate with people and get much closer to the human manipulation and locomotion performance than today’s robots do. At the same time these robots are expected to be safe,... read more