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This program deals with development of methods and techniques to design service robots. These robots have to act in an unstructured environment, and have regularly and deliberately physical contact with its environment. Contexts in which these robots have to act are normal (household) situation and care taking situations. Topics of study are robot architectures that facilitate resilient, robust and fault-tolerant behaviour of the autonomous service robot. Application areas are

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BOBBIE: a robot that cares. read more


Best Practice in Robotics, an Integrated Project to promote the interoperability of hardware and software components for robotics, and to design and implement an integrated robotic development environment including a software repository of best practise robotics algorithms. Kuka Roboter is the Co... read more


Intelligent Variable Impedance Arm. read more


Smart collaboration between Humans and ground-aErial Robots for imProving rescuing activities in Alpine environments. read more