Roland Roelofs

Roland Roelofs

Former student (completed: Aug 31, 2018)


Master's Thesis Project: Data Distribution Service (DDS) over a wireless network

This project is part of the project RoVe, which focuses on the data model and communication network for robots used by the Dutch National Police. In order to achieve the project's goal in time, the project is split up in different tasks. This project will focus on one of them, namely communication network, more precisely; DDS (Data Distribution Service) over a wireless network. 

First the Hard Real-Time properties of Data Distribution Service over a wireless IP network will be analyzed. These properties will be tested against the following factors: different test set-ups, data-size, throughput, CPU and memory usage, Quality of Service and network overhead. After that, a Design Space Exploration diagram will be created, containing the results and recommendations. Based on these results, recommendations on how to handle missed deadlines will be determined. When there's time left, the following objectives will be addressed: the influence of signal strength on Hard Real-time properties; implement response to a missed deadline.