Erik Euving

Erik Euving

Former student (completed: Jun 7, 2017)


Master's Thesis Project: Inertia reduction on the SEP

Stroke can result in chronic hemiparesis, abnormal synergistic muscle activit  and proprioceptive loss , all of which can affect Upper Extremity (UE) motor control . In an effort to improve UE rehabilitation, the Shoulder Elbow Perturbator (SEP) was designed by the University of Twente in collaboration with Hankamp Rehab . The SEP can be used to study the effects of stroke on motor control and contributes to the fourth and seventh objective of the SoftPro project: first to provide a quantitative assessment to measure progress in subjects and secondly, to investigate Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

The primary goal of this Master Thesis is to develop the control interface for the SEP, i.e., the software that will control the hardware. System identification and sensory integration will be required to optimize the control, in order to create the best possible Haptic interface.

Secondarily, the goal of the Master Thesis is to investigate HRI with Impedance Control, Admittance Control, Stability and Passivity being of particular interest. By optimizing control and integrating novel ideas about stability and passivity, UE inertia reduction might be achieved; this is to be investigated.