Writing reusable code for robotics

ir. Dennis Ellery
Presentation MSc presentation
Date 2017-12-11
Time 16:00
Location Carré 3A

In the i-Botics project about intuitive robotics, reusable software is desired to speed up and simplify robot software design. Nowadays, software is created for a specific application, reducing its reuse in multiple robotic applications. Functional source code of the implementation can be re-used in future projects by writing in a modular way. 

The goal of this thesis is to write reusable software for robotic applications that is language and platform independent.

Existing examples of reusable software using these paradigms are middleware. Middleware is software that connects individual components.

From design paradigms, model-driven design is used to create a design in a high level model, which is then generated as a middleware hierarchy of “empty” components, not containing any computational and/or configurable software. After reviewing the most common CBSF middleware, it turns out that a finite state machine (FSM) is used in each component. The connection between middleware and a general component is achieved using an interface, which allows the middleware to use a general component without having to know how it is implemented.

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017