Workshop 3D printing and laser-cutting pneumatics

Vincent Groenhuis MSc
Presentation Colloquia / Event
Date 2017-05-18
Time 12:40
Location Carré 3446
Force equals Pressure times Area.
Area is the surface of the pistons that move in cylinders we are going to design. Pressure is supplied by the lab, a compressor, a bicycle pump or some other source. With the resulting Force, you can move things, operate stepper motors, actuate robotics, and so on, and if it moves really fast, you obtain great Power!

Using pneumatics rather than electical motors is useful, sometimes even necessary, when usage of electricity is restricted and pressurized air is available. It is also fully rapid prototypeable: unlike electric motors, all parts of the pneumatic device can be constructed and assembled in relatively short time.

The workshop will focus on all aspects of the topic: basic principles, design, construction, assembly, operation of basic single/double-acting cylinders, stepper motors and more complex devices in different sizes. Hopefully this will give you new insights in pneumatic actuation, and why many cylinders are not round, but square!
Posted on Monday, May 1, 2017