On the Control Allocation of Fully-Actuated and Over-Actuated Multirotor UAVs

Rens Werink
Presentation MSc presentation
Date 2019-01-16
Time 16:00
Location Hal B 2A

In this presentation, the current state of control allocation for multirotor UAVs will be discussed. An overview of the most common solutions will be presented, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

From an evaluation of this overview, a new control allocation algorithm will be presented that will be useful in cases that were previously not straightforward to solve. This new algorithm will also inherently handle actuator limits that might otherwise cause instable flight.

Next, an investigation into the current state of implementation of control allocation in software will be presented. This will lead to the discovery of some shortcomings with respect to the usability in current research. An improvement plan to resolve these issues will be presented and partially implemented in the software.

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019