Contribution to a true modeling support environment for multidisciplinary engineering systems

Israel Nunez Hernandez MSc
Presentation Colloquia / Event
Date 2012-11-01
Time 12:40
Location Carré 3446

Many modeling and simulation environments have been created in the last decades, but none of them truly support the key aspect of the modeling process, viz. given a specific problem context, supporting the decision process of what to include in a model and in what way, in order to create a model that is competent to capture the relevant behavior that leads to a solution of a problem.

This means that, apart from a general expert system like environment that leads the user to the selection of some standard submodels, the selection of a submodel should not result in an immediate instantiation of a particular implementation (nowadays mostly some linear constitutive relation), but should open an interface that allows the user to select the features of the submodel at hand, supported by domainspecific expertise.

At the same time the system should ask the user to document his considerations for the choices that are made for reasons of debugging and possible reuse in other problem contexts. 

The two contexts to start with are the electrical power (distribution) context and the modelbased fault detection context. The first is important with the rise of local energy production (solar cells, wind mills, etc.) and smart grids.

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012