3D-printed implementation of a tactile pressure sensor working in multiple DOF

Jos Tichelaar
Presentation BSc presentation
Date 2018-07-06
Time 11:15
Location Carré 3F

Force sensors are used in many applications. The manufacturing of those sensors can take a long time and when the sensor breaks in some way it has to be sent back to the manufacturer. Nowadays more people own a 3D-printer which reduces both the manufacturing time and the repairing time.

This report talks about both a 2DOF and 4DOF 3D-printed whisker inspired tactile sensor. The angle of the whisker has been computed as a function of the applied force. Combining the results of the angle measurements with the results of both the mechanical and electrical analysis it can be said that the 2DOF-sensor fits its underlying models. The average error per sample for the force is 0.1968 N, while the force is of by 0.0023Nm on average. It is assumed that the 2DOF-analysis can be used as basis for the 4DOF-analysis. The effects of increasing the number of DOF is investigated and theory suggest that all individual parameters are slightly reduced.

Trying to prove this, both the angle and deflection are filmed and analysed. The data, however, does not show such a reduction. For the 4DOF there is much room for improvement.

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2018