Jan F. Broenink

Associate professor of embedded control systems

My CV and interests

Jan Broenink studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, where he obtained a BSc degree in 1980, a MSc degree EE and Biomedical Engineering in 1984 and a PhD degree in 1990. His PhD project was on the development of CAMAS, Computer-Aided Modeling and Simulation: a bond-graph approach. CAMAS was further developed and is now commercially available as 20sim via our spin-off Controllab Products.
From 1990 to 2003 he was assistant professor at the Control Laboratory of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Twente, where he worked on CAMAS and parallel programming for robotic control.
Since 2003 he is associate professor at the same group, now called Robotics and Mechatronics (RaM).
Since July 2017, he is Head of Department of RaM, co-chairing with Stefano Stramigioli, who is Scientific Director of RaM.
His current research interests are on cyber-physical systems, embedded control systems (realization of control schemes on mostly networked computers) and software architectures for robotics. For that, he is interested in
a) the use of parallel software based on CSP;
b) designing software tools including simulation;
c) concurrent & systems engineering.
For applications and test cases, he focuses on robotic systems.

He was member of the former Program Committee of PROGRESS, the STW funding program on embedded systems and software. He is member of the international WoTUG committee supporting the use of  CSP for parallel processing. He was chairman of the CPA2003 conference.

He was co-coordinator of the strategic research orientation on Service Robotics, CoSIR of the UT internal research institute CTIT. He was secretary of the ICT Innovation Platform on robotics in the Netherlands (RoboNED).

He is member of the UT design team of the MSc programme Embedded Systems.

He is (co-)author of quite a few papers on modeling and simulation software, parallel programming using CSP, cyber-physical systems software, embedded control system implementation and software architectures for robotics. See also the project websites for more information on the research projects the papers report about.

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